Saturday, March 12, 2011

Progress Report

First I want to say, the X-MAS decorations have all been put away!!

The first signs of spring are starting to poke through, these Hyacinths bulbs are a lot stronger than I thought. Last summer I covered this bed with commercial grade landscaping cloth, cedar bark mulch, and slate stepping stones. I kept the stones and landscaping cloth away from the foundation because that is where most of the bulbs are, but forgot about and covered over the few planted in the middle of the bed. I thought they would be goners for sure, until I noticed mounds in the middle of the bed and even a stepping stone that was lifted about three inches from the bulbs below. Who knew they were that strong. I was able to clear back the mulch and cut through the cloth to let them come through.

The seedlings are doing well in the TP tubes, just about everything has germinated, the watermelons were the last ones. They just started poking through the potting mix the other day

The tough part is I think I may have to thin them out soon

I also broke ground on the chicken coop today. I put in the footings which consisted of 4, 80lb bags of cement, 2 sonic tubes (cut in half to make 4) and metal braces to attach to the coops frame

Once the cement dries I will attach those 4X4X10 pressure treated landscape ties and can start building the coop on top. I knew the ground was uneven, but didn't realize how bad it was, I will need to bring a truckload of dirt in to bring up the grade

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Bill Bird said...

Aha! Photos without snow. Always a good thing. The wife wants chickens. The city won't allow them. Too bad! Besides, we don't have the room to spare. But she grew up with those farm fresh brown eggs. She loves them.

On another subject -- as for the apple tree -- nope, sorry to say I do not know that product. Out here we use copper sulfate sprays like Liquicop to control the bad things that strike fruit trees. It fights a wide range of diseases, like peach leaf curl, brown rot, blight, etc. It's a good dormant spray. Later in the season I switch to Ortho Garden Disease Control to fight blight in the tomato patch and mildew on the grapevines. I also use one other control, Volck Oil Spray, to fight bug infestations on the fruit trees. Sorry to say I don't think any of them are organic.