Saturday, March 19, 2011

Completely winging it

Ok, at this point I think it’s safe to say I am completely winging it. The purpose of the toilet paper tubes were to give the roots a deeper cell to grow in, which would also allow me to directly transplant them tubes and all into the garden and minimize root disturbance.  The tomatoes and peppers are still on course, but the squash and peas have a different plan. I’m not sure if I just planted them too early, but as you can see they are outgrowing their homes.  The TP tubes are getting black mold on the outside and the roots are hanging out the bottom so I decided to transplant them.  I commandeered a star wars table cloth (left over from my sons last birthday), dug out some old pots I had in the shed, and got to work on the kitchen table.  
Now here is the dilemma, a major reason why I used the TP tubes in the first place was to minimize root disturbance, but if I remove the tubes to transplant I am defeating the purpose so what should I do?  Not sure, so I am going 50/50 I removed half and transplanted the other half tubes and all into larger pots. It will be interesting to see if one outperforms the other

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