Sunday, November 25, 2012

To molt or not to molt that is the question

The last few months seemed to be difficult ones for one of our hens, she was losing feathers, lots of them, everyday. At first we weren't sure what was going on, the other two looked fine, we didn't know if she was sick or being bullied by the other two, but something was definitely going on. After some research we realized molting was the answer. Although it's a natural process it just didn't seem it....but our girl got through it and looks great now. She even started laying again, even though the eggs are tiny she seems to be back to her old self again!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Center of the Universe

It's been a while since I have updated the blog and a lot has happened. Since my last update, I took a trip out to the Midwest to visit my in laws and my father in law generously gave me a classic convertible, which has been sitting in his garage since my wife was a kid. It does need quite a bit of work and wasn't running so I rented a truck and trailer and towed it to the east coast, it was a beautiful ride. Since being back I have had some time to get out into the yard, but mostly just cleaning up for winter, most of my spare time has been spent working on the car to wake her up from her 32 year nap!

I was able to take a few pictures along my road trip, but unfortunately most did not come out very good, but I will look through them to see if any are worth posting. I hope everyone is doing well and also hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!