Sunday, March 6, 2011

First outdoor project of the year

The temperature hit 50 degrees this weekend, which was just warm enough to allow the first project of the year to be completed.   The back of my property is a south facing hill, which gets all day sun and has always been the spot where I kept my compost pile.  I have never had any type of formal composting system, usually just 1 or 2 open piles, but I finally built something! A 3 bin system made out of galvanized wire fencing and metal posts that I bought at the local home depot.  I was a little surprised at the cost ($95), but it wasn’t too bad. Right now I didn’t put anything in the front of each bin, but may add something later…
Just fyi - I also tried the pull the X-MAS decorations out of the front yard, but the ground was still frozen so they will have to stay there for now.


Kelly said...

A fellow SouthCoast-er, how fun! Is that Padanaram in your photo? :)

We just pulled the last of the Xmas stuff out of yard this week, it was buried there for a while!

Bill Bird said...

That just looks too effing cold out there.


A spoiled rotten Californian!

SouthCoast Guy said...

My profile picture is from Plymouth, down by the rock. Hopefully things will thaw out soon so I can put Santa & Frosty away for the season