Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dracaena Marginata Plant aka Madagascar Dragon Tree.

Madagascar Dragon Tree....I just love that name. We went over to our friends new house last weekend to watch football and saw this beauty out on the deck. When I asked about whether or not they were going to start bringing it in at night because of the threat of frost they told me they were not because they just did not have a spot for it. After years of tending to it at their old house they were either going to find a new home for it or let it die.....well I couldn't let that happen so I some how fit it into my little economy car and brought it home that day. I am still trying to find the right spot for it myself, currently it has taken up residence in my half bathroom. It's still in rough shape from neglect, but seems to be coming around. Hopefully it will bounce back over the next few weeks!

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