The Chicken Tractor

The weekend finally cooperated so I was able to start working. I also made a decision to hold off on building the coop and start building a chicken tractor instead.  I decided to holdoff for two reasons, I think it will take some time to build, also, if I split time between a coop and tractor I think it will be easier to keep everything clean and reduce the risk of disease and pest problems. Plus the tractor also has some benfits, it will allow me to move the chics around the yard allowing them to weed, fertilize, and eat bugs out of my lawn and instead of cleaning the run area, I will just need to move it once or twice a week so they don't destroy the lawn. When I do build the coop and run I want to make sure it will have everything they will need to make it thru the winter and expect it will take me some time to put together.

I picked up supplies on Saturday and got to work. The frame of the tractor is 10x5. I am trying to keep it as
light as possible so it can be moved around the yard.

 Working hard....I almost look like I know what i'm doing in this picture

This is as far as I got by Sunday afternoon. I added the lynolium last and I should of waited for another day as I didn't do a very good job with it...I don't have any plans and am working off of pictures i've seen on the web. I built the coop area with a removal panel and linolium, which will hopefully make it easier to clean out. I also raised it off the ground to give them protection from sun and rain. I still need to build the doorway that will lead to the run, the back panel, which will have a nesting box, cover all of the remaining area in hardware cloth, and add wheels to one end. The tractor was very light and easy to pick up until the flooring and walls went on. That side now has some considerable weight so wheels will definelty be needed to keep this thing mobile. The opposite end is still very light and easy to lift.

2nd weekend working on the tractor, all assembled and painted. The next step will be adding wire fencing and pulleys for the door and feeders


My Spoon Full of Sugar said...

How many chickens can it hold?

SouthCoast Guy said...

I have 3 hens, they seem to be pretty happy in it. I wouldn't put more than 3 in that space