Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Iowa with Love

Two years ago I drove from Massachusetts to Iowa, we drove so my wife could bring home some things she still had at her parents home. We brought back everything she wanted, but I also brought back a peony, part of a Christmas cactus, which started from her great grandmother, two clumps of bearded iris, and a small clump of pampas grass. I brought everything back in old ice cream buckets and they all survived and are doing well. This year will be the first year the peony blooms! What was also nice, is that her parents came out to visit us this year and were able to see all the transplants. The Christmas cactus has not bloomed yet, but hopefully it will soon. I planted the pampas grass on my back hill to shield the compost bin, but now think it was not a great spot as it has been spreading rapidly and actually growing into the bin. I also recently transplanted a clump of it to the corner of what will be the chicken run for the permanent coop. I am counting on chicken power to keep it under control, well at least the portion that spreads into the run.

I think we may drive out again next year so I'll need to start my shopping list soon!

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texwisgirl said...

chicken power. :)