Sunday, February 27, 2011

Progress Report

So far the seeds from the seed savers exchange are doing well, 21 out of 26 seeds have germinated. I have a 4ft Halogen light in the basement, but so far opted to keep them on a small shelf in front of the sliding glass door. Not sure which would be better for them? (Also not sure why this pic keeps posting sideways because it's not saved that way in my computer...oh well)

The kids planted their own TP tubes yesterday. We planted the below
3 - Japanese Climbing Cucumber
3 - Morning Glory vine
3 - Watermelon (Crimson)
3- Lupine
3 - Watermelon (Chris Cross)
3 - Large Cherry Tomato
3 - German Pink Tomato
2 - Pumpkins (seed dug out of last years Jack-O-Lanterns)
2 - Zucchini
2 - Peas
3 - Yellow Squash
3 - Roma Tomato 

and in case you were wondering, today's weather forecast is more snow!

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