Saturday, February 12, 2011

The season has officially started

This is the first year I am starting the garden from seed and today I started my first seeds of the season. 
I purchased all of my seeds from the seed savers exchange. I learned about them in the same book I picked up my TP rolls tip from and they seem like a good organization so I decided to try them
I planted 3-TP tubes of each plant and placed 2 seeds in each tube, except for the hot peppers; I had 4 extra individual cells and placed 2 seeds in each. I am planning to keep the hot peppers out of the garden and on the deck.  I read there is a chance they could influence the flavor of the sweet and bell peppers, not sure how likely that is, but figured I better not take a chance since I am not a big fan of hot peppers to begin with
Planted today:
Orange bell peppers – 3
King of the North Red Bell – 3
Golden treasure sweet pepper – 3
 Hot Portugal Pepper – 4
Florida High Bush Eggplant – 3
They have been planted, watered, I put a plastic cover on them (not sure if that is necessary) and placed them on top of the deep freeze in the basement for some bottom heat. I even started a journal today to keep track of what I did so I can measure my success (hopefully) or learn from my mistakes so here we go….

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