Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The first seeds of the season

I officially planted my first seeds of the season yesterday! Last year was the first time I ever started plants from seed and I was way too early, I started them on Feb 11 to be exact. Plants were outgrowing their containers and blooming inside well before the last frost date. By the time I put them out, many were suffering and did not make it!

One thing I did right was keep a journal of all my activities...so this year I started 3 types of peppers and 3 types of tomato on 3/12 and in a few weeks I'll start some more seeds and keep a records of it all so next year I can look back and correct my mistakes. This year I am also trying a different type of seed starting mix, its made from coconut fiber instead of peat moss. Peat moss isn't as renewable a resource as coconut so I'm all for using renewable resources. You can see the difference in color, the lighter pot is made with peat moss all the rest are coconut...wish me luck

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TexWisGirl said...

that seems smart to keep a journal! i wouldn't have considered that. good luck!