Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy...busy weekend

What a busy weekend...Saturday I moved the rest of my veggies to 3" & 5" peat pots, they were outgrowing the TP tubes and needed to be transplanted. After that I went right back to work on the Chicken Tractor. Saturday I added wheels and a nest box. Sunday, I did the rest of the wood work and applied two coats of cedar stain. The next step will be adding the wire fencing and pulleys to work the door and feeders. Hopefully that will finish it. You can see pictures taken at different stages on this link  Chicken Tractor


Couves said...

That chicken tractor is going to be beautiful! I love the concept of using one of these to pasture chickens over a wide area, but do you expect predators to be a problem (it looks like they could pretty easily dig underneath it)?

SouthCoast Guy said...

Thanks...I am concerned about predators, but think it will not be an issue. Nightime is my biggest concern, but the chickens will be locked in the coop so even if a predator tunnels underneath they wont be able to get at the chickens. If I move the tractor every few days it should also prevent animals from getting underneath it. I am also debating on installing a solar powered sensor light that should scare off any night time attacks